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I prefer Magneto

Erik Lehnsherr
26 March
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Out on the front line, don't worry I'll be fine
The story is just beginning
I say goodbye to my weakness,
So long to the regrets
And now I know that I'm alive

Erik Lehnsherr, Magneto, from X-Men: First Class. Movie version only. Only for fun, not for profit; I don't own anything.


Canon: Follows canon of X-Men: First Class. Sometimes beginning, middle or post-movie.

Pi Theta Gamma: Basically, they're on a mission to save the world with Redvines and all of the hashbrowns from McDonalds. PThG has the reputation as the worst frat house on and off campus and you know, Erik is damn proud of that reputation. They have more fun that way. Mein Luftkissenfahrzeug ist voller Aale. This verse is open to new pledges for the fall semester! Find the recruitment post here!

WWII AU: Erik Lehnsherr is the son of a wealthy industrialist and his wife, raised for a time in Germany and then living for the rest of his childhood in southern England. He grew up with the friendship of Charles, bethebettermen, who was the son of one of the hired help. They also confided in each other about their abilities, becoming even closer after that, including an undeniable but secret attraction. Erik dropped out of college in the late 30s to join the British Army, becoming trained as an officer and eventually going into intelligence. He was highly valued because of his experience with German culture and frequently asked to go undercover on intelligence gathering missions into Germany before the war. But once it started, he was tasked with a permanent assignment of becoming a German officer--it was considered a suicide mission, if anything at all went wrong, he was on his own. If he encountered Allied soldiers, they would still fire on him. He was able to blend well for a long time until his cover was blown somehow, whether because of his British citizenship, his family's Jewish heritage, or his significant ability, he came into the hands of Doctor Klaus Schmidt, who was delighted to have such a powerful specimen in his grasp. He knows Charles is close and listening, and if he could get out on his own, they could make it back on their own.